IP Strategy

CRK attorneys appreciate that context is the most important part of IP Strategy work. Patents can be obtained, avoided, licensed, enforced, acquired, and invalidated. Our most experienced attorneys partner with you to help meet your business goals involving IP.

How CRK can help

Portfolio Management

CRK manages clients’ patent portfolios from a business perspective. Portfolio management begins with understanding the business goals and how an individual patent fits within a larger portfolio. CRK manages patent portfolios worldwide in over sixty-three countries to ensure continuity in coverage.

Freedom-to-Operate / Opinions

CRK advises clients on freedom-to-operate and provides clearance opinions. Because CRK has both the technical and legal know how, CRK helps clients navigate through crowded arts in order to avoid competitor’s patents. In some instances, CRK works with clients to develop product changes to avoid competitor’s patents.


Whether it’s reviewing obligations under an existing license or assisting negotiation of a new license, CRK’s mix of business experience and legal knowledge facilitates a positive outcome.


CRK advises clients on the applicability of patents to standards. CRK has the experience to understand what is required by a standard and what is optional. Because standards documents are very technical in nature, attorneys that have the technical and legal experience to understand both the technical documents and the legal issues are required to provide an effective standards-based patent strategy.

Enforcement Advice

CRK provides enforcement advice to clients including claim charting, title searching, potential pit falls, potential counterclaims, and the expected enforcement process from beginning to end.

Acquisition Advice

Clients rely on CRK to perform due diligence on patent portfolios for corporate acquisitions and patent portfolio acquisitions. CRK reviews patent portfolios with an eye towards the business’s acquisition goals and advices clients on how a patent portfolio can fit within those goals.