Mu Yang enjoys working with innovative people. “The best part of my job is to help intellectuals protect and harvest their innovations,” Mu says.

Mu has extensive experience with procuring patent rights globally. “Most of my clients sell products or license their patents overseas,” Mu says, “and my job is to make them to feel safe bringing their technology to a foreign country by developing a comprehensive IP strategy before making the big move.”

Mu also works very closely with a network of top-notch foreign IP firms. “When my clients have a question on foreign IP law, no matter if they relate to Europe, Japan, Korea, or even China, we can quickly get them an answer,” Mu says. Mu thinks it is more effective to discuss client matters with her foreign counterparts over the phone than to exchange lengthy written correspondences, and the clients get to save money. “Our Chinese associates especially love the fact that they can explain the intricacies of Chinese patent practice in their native language to me,” Mu says.

Mu focuses her practice on wireless telecommunications, computers, electronics and medical devices.  Prior to her legal career, Mu worked in the Information Technology department in a Fortune 200 company and participated in multi-million-dollar software development projects as a project manager, lead systems analyst, and application developer. Mu is fluent in written and spoken Chinese.

Contact Information

Phone: 215-558-5719