Jingshi started her professional life as an engineer in a fast-growing environment.  She worked for two technology startups before pursuing a law career.  One of the first few employees in either company, she was able to adapt as the companies expanded.  For example, Jingshi took on roles in engineering, multi-regional project management, and funding development as needed to support the companies.  She learned to appreciate her graduate engineering training.  “Being methodical helped me in those constantly changing and, sometimes, chaotic situations.”

Jingshi has a diverse technical background.  Her expertise ranges from fuel cells, microelectromechanical systems, circuit modeling, and telecommunications to polymer electronics and drug encapsulation. Jingshi also has experience with drug eluting stents and other printed electronics used in medical devices.  Jingshi says, “My exposure to these various technologies as an engineer really aids my communication with inventors now.  I tend to approach their innovations with a ‘big-picture’ perspective.”

Jingshi understands that some businesses have clear ideas about what they would like to capture with their inventions, while others require flexibility to grow with their market.  Such considerations are an important piece of IP strategy work.  “I really enjoy seeing how the matters I work on help our clients reach their goals,” Jingshi says, “and it’s fascinating to see how much impact our work has.”





Contact Information

Phone: 215-372-2285
Email: JShi@condoroccia.com