Pump Up Your Innovation: The Power of Cross-Functional Teams

By Brian J. Hubbard // October 8th, 2013

Innovation review with input from Legal, Marketing, and Research (R&D) functions is one of the strongest value drivers in the IP world.  The combination of perspectives gives a 3D picture that helps decision-makers see the underlying value and often focuses attention on potential issues sooner, while there’s still time to adjust plans.  Equally importantly, team-members benefit from observing how other functions view the same situation.  For example, R&D and Legal may be excited about a technical solution that Marketers just don’t see as a viable offering for customers.  With enough interaction, team-members will begin to anticipate other functions’ concerns, leading to stronger presentations and ultimately faster consensus on next steps.  In my experience, closer communication with Marketing in addition to R&D was a game-changer for delivering meaningful results.

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