ACC’s IP Institute Online CLE

By Condo Roccia Koptiw LLP // May 12th, 2020

CRK’s Michael Koptiw and Brian Hubbard, along with In-house Counsel Jennifer Carnahan and Heather Bowen, will be speaking this Thursday (May 14) at 11 am EDT, on the topic “Things I’ll NEVER include in an IP Agreement.”  The panel notes that negotiation may require flexibility and occasionally, concession, but there are situations where you need to hold firm. 

The panel will look at some industry-specific “No-Go” provisions, and then, using various types of IP agreements as examples, move on to situations where some seemingly innocent phrasing should never be acceptable. The presentation is intended to be a fun and accessible look into where to draw the line in negotiating IP Agreements. Link to sign up below:

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