Our Practice Areas

Patent Procurement

Our patent procurement practice is focused on business and unrivaled in its depth of legal experience and technical expertise.  Whether we are using metrics to assess the cost-effectiveness of your portfolio obtention efforts or engaging with your technical team to harvest inventions, CRK is thinking about realizing your business objectives.

Intellectual property must create value for your business. We learn about your specific business models and goals. We listen. We analyze the technical and legal issues you face. That’s how we develop a patent portfolio strategy that is designed to accomplish your goals, to further your business models, and to anticipate possible litigation that hinders your business. Strong patent portfolios protect your technology and provide value to your business.

Post-grant Proceedings

Our attorneys have the expertise to represent you in post-grant proceedings before the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

These adversarial proceedings before the USPTO can be a useful, cost-efficient, alternative to patent litigation.  Success often requires both an understanding of the rules and procedures that govern the proceeding as well as in-depth understanding of the technical field of the invention. Using our litigation experience, patent prosecution experience, and technical expertise, our attorneys will leverage our collective efforts to increase your odds of resolving these proceedings favorably.

Patent Litigation

We routinely help clients handle intellectual property disputes, from demand letter defense to complex patent litigation.

Our litigators are known for their technical expertise and for their ability to resolve legal issues pragmatically.  We have three litigators with advanced trial advocacy degrees.  Whether we’re managing the dispute with an eye toward cost control or arguing at the appellate level, we focus on managing the litigation costs.

Trademark & Copyrights

Our trademark and copyright practice is here to help you secure, defend, and grow your trademark and copyright assets.

We are dedicated to helping you maximize the value of your trademark and/or copyright portfolio.  Our attorneys rely on our extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with a focused strategy, regardless of the size of your industry or company.  Whether it is prosecuting a trademark application, registering a copyright, or licensing a trademark, we can help.