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At Condo Roccia Koptiw (CRK), we understand that intellectual property (IP) does not create value in and of itself.  We take a business-centric approach to IP that requires a deep understanding of a client’s goals, strategies, and competitive landscape.  Throughout the lifecycle of an IP asset, we demonstrate a continuing commitment to our clients’ business objectives.  Whether our clients need their IP obtained, enforced, licensed, or pruned in the interests of effective cost-management, our clients trust CRK with their most important IP matters.

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CRK Speaks at Centerforce Women in Law & Leadership Summit: Philadelphia

On March 14, 2018, Mu Yang, a partner with Condo Roccia Koptiw LLP, will present at the Women in Law & Leadership Summit in Philadelphia, PA.

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CRK Speaks at Centerforce 2nd Annual IP Summit: Philadelphia

On March 13, 2018, Michael Bonella, a partner with Condo Roccia Koptiw LLP, will present at the 2nd IP Strategy Summit in Philadelphia, PA.

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Federal Circuit Reverses PTAB for not Properly Considering Expert Testimony of Commercial Success

Patent owners should consider submitting IPR evidence of commercial success supported by expert testimony comparing the claims to the sold devices, sales, and a nexus between the claims and the sales. IPR petitioners should not rely on the art alone and should submit rebuttal secondary factor evidence.

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