Joseph R. Klinicki is an experienced patent attorney whose practice includes strategic counseling related to intellectual property rights, representing clients before the USPTO in both pre-grant examination and post-grant validity proceedings, intellectual property enforcement via litigation, and supporting IP licensing efforts.  The diverse range of services that Joe has provided to his clients include drafting and prosecuting patents, managing patent portfolios that include thousands of patents, offering opinions with respect to infringement and validity of intellectual property, examining freedom to operate in an IP landscape, performing due diligence related to IP sales and acquisitions, moderating disputes over ownership of intellectual property, negotiating and drafting IP license agreements, and litigating patents in U.S. district court and at the International Trade Commission (ITC).

Joe’s practice is focused on advising clients how intellectual property can be used to further their business goals. Joe prides himself on being a strong advocate for his clients, while understanding the desire to handle disputes efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. He prides himself on fully understanding his clients’ business and technology so that he can ensure he can advise his clients on how the law can best be used to advance their business interests. Joe has represented both intellectual property owners and defendants accused of infringing IPR and understands the strategic advantages and potential risks both sides face and uses that experience to leverage the best possible outcome for his clients.

In addition to prosecuting U.S. patents, Joe’s experience managing international IP portfolios has allowed him to gain extensive knowledge of IP protection in numerous jurisdictions all over the world, including throughout Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, India, and many others. Joe has extensive experience in a diverse range of technical areas in the electrical and computer fields, such as telecommunications systems, computer networking, cloud computing, data security/cryptography, and computer software.  In addition to his knowledge in electrical-related technologies, Joe has also counseled clients large and small with businesses in several other industries.

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Phone: 215-558-5727