Jen Rassa is a paralegal who specializes in both US and international patent prosecution. Jen’s expertise in international prosecution, in particular, has enabled her to gain a broad perspective of how to manage a client’s patent portfolio. “Being able to see the big picture is imperative to being an effective paralegal. There are so many moving parts and each country’s patent laws are truly unique. Understanding the interplay among those laws is essential to properly prosecute the administrative aspects of a patent from filing to grant.”

Jen believes that discovering and using new technology is an important tool for successfully working with an intellectual property portfolio. “When technology changes, business trends soon follow, and clients rightly expect us to be able to use them effectively.”

Jen interacts daily with the attorneys at Condo Roccia Koptiw, to better understand the substantive issues they face and she maintains an open line of communication with the firm’s clients to anticipate their needs. Jen believes that it is through this coordination that developing the client’s patent portfolio is best achieved, ensuring the highest level of service.

Contact Information

Phone: 215-558-5721