Complex Technical Litigation

An ever-increasing number of commercial disputes relate in some way to complex technology. Hiring attorneys with non-technical backgrounds runs the risk of nuances being overlooked and extra time being spent getting counsel up to speed.

In contrast, CRK’s litigation attorneys will readily understand the technology issues involved in your dispute, and they already have the legal skills to navigate complex litigation as well.

It stands to reason that technically trained litigators will naturally understand and see issues that lawyers without a technical background will struggle to understand. Our unique combination of technical ability and litigation skills gives our clients a competitive advantage in resolving their technical disputes efficiently.

How CRK can help


  • Software agreement disputes.
  • Data privacy disputes.
  • Social media issues.

Contract Disputes

  • Vendor contract disputes.
  • Product development contract disputes.
  • Covenant not to compete breaches.
  • Professional employment contract disputes involving competition, secrecy, trade secrets, IP.
  • Licensing disputes.
  • Joint venture contract disputes.
  • Customer contract disputes.

Trade Secret and Unfair Competition

  • Trade secret misappropriation.
  • Breach of confidentiality (CDA, NDA, secrecy).
  • Unfair competition claims, trade dress/palming off.