• Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law, J.D., 2017

  • Villanova University, Computer Engineering, B.S., 2012

Admitted to Practice:

  • Pennsylvania

Aakash Patel focuses his developing practice on intellectual property litigation and patent procurement in the electrical and computer fields.

Like many CRK attorneys, Aakash worked in industry before becoming an attorney. In fact, he gained most of his engineering experience at one of the largest broadcasting and cable television companies in the world. Aakash’s computer engineering work includes designing a new data analytics platform which serviced multiple business units. However, Aakash’s industry experience went beyond engineering. For example, Aakash’s role included everything from providing high-level summaries to senior management to supplying client support and training. It was during this in-house role that Aakash became aware of technology law issues that lead to an interest in patent law, ultimately leading him to undertake law school.

Aakash was a summer associate at CRK in 2016. Aakash was quickly appreciated by the CRK team for his enthusiasm and relatability. In turn, Aakash valued CRK’s atmosphere and commitment to their philosophical underpinnings of law firm management. “Whether it’s discussions of work-life balance, management by empathy, self-determination, or general career satisfaction, I don’t think there’s many law firms out there,” he said, “where the named partners interact this frequently with their summer associates.” As a summer associate, Aakash had a good look at CRK’s practice and culture, and understood that it was the perfect environment for him.

Now that Aakash is at CRK full time, he is excited to begin his legal career, applying his engineering background and experience to help clients meet their intellectual property goals. Aakash is already working with a number of experienced CRK attorneys, and looks forward to learning from them. He notes, “I’m always struck by how accessible and helpful everyone is in the firm. It’s an amazing place to grow and develop.”

Aakash’s practice includes protecting innovations in electrical systems, telecommunications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and medical devices.

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